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How to Go Gray... and love it!

Do you secretly want to go gray but aren’t sure HOW to make the transition from hair dye to NO dye?

Whether you’ve already made the decision to go gray and are simply wondering how to make it happen, or are still on the fence wondering if you should - you will find inspiration, support, and practical information in Maggie Crane’s new eBook How To Go Gray… and love it!

You will have an opportunity to address your fears, challenge your beliefs, learn about the possible side effects of hair dye, hear from an assortment of Silver Sages who have gone gray, view their “after” photos and explore options on how to transition from colored hair to natural.

Having "gone gray" herself, (acknowledging a little kicking and screaming along the way) Maggie speaks from experience and shares her considerable insight throughout the book.

She takes her Amazing Grays message a step further for those women who are ready to literally embrace the experience of going gray. Her intention is to give women the information they need to make a decision that is right for them.

The Silver Sages featured in both the eBook and in the Gallery of Silver Sages are not urban glamour girls, celebrities or models. They are everyday women just like most of us – living full lives and embracing all the challenges and joys that come with honoring the authentic Amazing Grays they have become.

All of us will eventually become Amazing Grays but not all Amazing Grays will elect to become Silver Sages…and love it!

Here’s to the power of choice!


7 Simple Tips to Make the Next 50 your BEST 50!

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