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Amazing Grays wins a Reviewers Choice Award!

NEW eBook! How to Go Gray... and love it!

Learn from the Midlife Midwife - someone who's been through it and can help you give birth to the second half of your life... without all the unnecessary labor pains!

It Doesn't Have to Be "Downhill" from Here

Like many of you, I am an ordinary (but never average!) woman who needed answers. My insights and information come directly from my own personal journey through midlife as a leading edge baby boomer.

Sad to say, but ladies - we've been sold a sorry bill of goods.

If we listen to Madison Avenue and the media experts we'll believe that happiness and youth go hand in hand – and that you can’t have one without the other.

My experience tells me that it’s just not so! Challenging your fears and expectations, putting your wisdom and experience to good use, along with a healthy dose of mindful acceptance can make this season of your life the best, most rewarding and fulfilling yet.


It’s Called Midlife… NOT “The End Of The Road”


We’re only halfway through this journey called life. And we have the power, the right, and even the responsibility to make the second half our best half.

To do that, it’s important to come to terms with who we are, what we’ve been through and where we’re going. We need to muster the courage to take charge of our lives instead of sitting back and allowing life to happen to us.

We’ve got to learn how to make life what we want it to be, instead of what we’ve been programmed to believe it’s going to be.

So, you ask…What’s with this flotation device around my middle?


Yes, midlife is a time of change. Children grow up, careers wind down; hair turns gray and our body insists on holding on for dear life to the flubber around our middle. Amazing Grays will explain it all. While it’s important to mourn what we think we’re losing, it’s even more important to become aware of the opportunities that are opening up for us.

It’s time to awaken slumbering dreams… Create a fresh start… Give your life new purpose… And, once and for all put your fears of growing older to rest.  If you’re not ready to become a feeble old woman with boobs in your lap, dreams on the shelf, and “ Memory Lane ” your only destination… then Amazing Grays is your ticket out.

I’m not a celebrity, blessed with a personal trainer, stylist, publicist, makeup artist, chef and the money to purchase any product or treatment I desire. While I do admire many celebrities, I find it difficult to relate to their lifestyle.

My message is focused on the needs and concerns of everyday women looking to get our mojo back. Women, just like you and me, who work out at the gym, do our own hair and makeup, choose our own clothes, cook our own meals and live within a budget.


Become an Amazing Gray… Regardless Of Your Hair Color!


My revelation began in the hair salon when I made the decision to stop coloring my hair. (Click here to read the story of my epiphany!) It took time, introspection – and a fair amount of kicking and screaming – but I’ve learned that while we all have to age, we don’t have to grow old.

Allowing my silver hair to grow out was one of the most liberating experiences of my life, but we're all unique.

       Considering taking the plunge yourself?  You’ll find suggestions on making the transition from colored to natural, plus stories and photos from several women who’ ve already become silver sages. Want more information on precisely HOW to go from hair dye to NO dye? Check out my new eBook - How to Go Gray... and love it!

      Have no intention of ever going gray? Not to worry - it’s not for everyone. No matter what you decide to do with your hair color - Amazing Grays will open you up to the possibilities that await you in your second half of life.

You’ll learn:

This isn’t just a book you’ll read and put down. It’s a workshop you can hold in your hand… full of practical questions, exercises, wisdom and guidance that will allow you to embrace the amazing woman you’ve become… and help you build a life that reflects who you are now.

Age on your own terms. Amazing Grays will show you how.

Click here to get your copy today!

View the video below and guess who the woman in the red feathered costume is. (At 60!)